It is finally here. I am currently sitting in the Birmingham airport waiting on my 1pm flight to Miami.  It is too surreal and I don’t think it has truly hit me yet that in about 21 hours I will be in Greece. I think it might hit me when I land in London tomorrow morning.  

I am more than excited. And I can’t wait to finally meet Debbie and the 3 children for real. Already met them on Skype, but that doesn’t really count.  

As for the title….13 is my favorite number and I’m hoping today is lucky.  Hoping all my flights are on time and that transitioning from each flight is easy.  I’ve never flown international, so I am a bit nervous.  But typically airports are easy to navigate and there is always someone around to help.  

So wish me luck on my flights! Peace, Love, and Wanderlust.