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Well, it has been forever since I posted, even though I said I would try and post the week after my trip to Nafplio. I think when I have a lot to write, I put it off even more. Because now I have too much to talk about and I can’t possibly write about it all. 

So, first my week in Nafplio was great. The house we stayed in was a cute house in the midst of an orange orchard. Perfect, right? So we were able to go to a couple of towns, see some ruins, experience several Easter traditions, and eat absolutely amazing (although some strange) foods. I tried clams and cuttlefish. We also roasted a whole lamb for the Easter. And at midnight before Easter, after coming home from church, we ate soup with liver in it. All incredibly hard to eat, when knowing what they were. But oh, so very good. I don’t want to burden you with all of the details so here are some pictures to explain the beauty of Easter in Nafplio.

Then, only 3 days after our vacation, my friend Chelsea came to visit. After living in Africa, mainly a village, for 1 year it was a fun culture shock for her. We were able to visit a lot of ruins (even the Acropolis!) that I tried to go to, eat lots of amazing food, and shop, shop, shop. It was so nice to have her here. I was finally able to be with someone my age, have someone to vent to (besides my mother over skype), and just relax and catch up with someone who I became really good friends with my senior year in college. So, again too much to say, so here are the pictures. 

This pot is dated at 3200-2800 B.C. That’s freaking old. Both Chelsea and I were mesmerized by all of the dates. 

I will post more photos of our week, which included Mayday at Lake Vouliagmeni and my day at the National Archaeological Museum (which is massive, by the way.)

Hope everyone has a good week. Peace, Love, and Wanderlust


So, it has been a while since my last post and this one isn’t going to very detailed. We have been having amazing weather, which means the kids and I have been playing outside everyday. I have had some time to walk around the take the buses into town. I was also able to go to a grocery store that has american brands. So, I scooped up 2 cans of Campbell’s cream of chicken soup. I made chicken pot pie one day and today I made chicken and rice casserole ( which was a huge hit.) One the same day to the grocery store I excitedly went to a Starbuck’s and got my usual coffee frappaccino. It was sooo good. 

So, while the past few weeks and have been rather boring, but incredibly relaxing…it is the next 2 weeks I am really looking forward to. Tomorrow, the Debbie, the kids, and I are headed to Nafplio, which is on the Peloponnesian peninsula. Greek Orthodox Easter is a week after the one in the States and the kids here get out of school for two weeks break. So, we are headed down for a nice vacation and to celebrate Easter. I am so excited. Nafplio was on my to see list, as well as ancient Mycenae which is very close.  I will also be able to see some of the traditional Greek Orthodox services. I already am preparing you with what is sure to be a long photo post next week. 

Then, in even more exciting news, my friend Chelsea from college is coming to visit me next Thursday. She has been in the Peace Corps, serving in Mali, for almost a year. And sadly the coup there has caused the Peace Corps to withdraw. She has decided that instead of going back to the states immediately, she will come visit me for a week and then head to Madrid for a previously planned trip. I am so excited to see her. We haven’t seen each other since my birthday in 2010, before I left for AmeriCorps. By the time I got back, she had left for Mali. I honestly can’t state how excited I am to catch up with her and to have someone come visit me here. 

Well, I will be able to post about my adventures next week. And I already know my camera will be packed full of amazing photos from Nafplio and adventures with Chelsea. 

So, lets all hope for continuing the sunny and warm streak and safe travels for us to Nafplio and Chelsea to Athens (especially what is to be an interesting layover in Cairo). 

Peace, Love, and Wanderlust