Today, is my official 3 week mark. And I am currently sitting in the house alone, because Debbie took the kids to see the Muppet Show. I chose to stay back to have a little “me” time.  This week has been another interesting one. After last weeks sick week, I thought that everything would be back to normal. 

    The kids were out of school on Monday and on Tuesday I was hoping and wishing for no snow and we only got a little bit. 

and so the kids went in at 10am. Which was fine, I got a couple of hours in the house to do some things. It was too cold for me to go anywhere though. Then I wake up on Wednesday morning to this…

And it kept on coming all day.  We ended up with about 4 or 5 inches of snow.  Which I don’t think is terrible after being in Tahoe with 8 feet of snow in July, but I still don’t have to like it.  So of course the kids stayed home. We had a snowball fight and a fire and played games. Debbie was off as well, so it ended up quite nice. 

   Thursday, because of the threat of snow the kids didn’t go in again until 10. But thankfully, No Snow! So now it has all melted and is getting warmer and I am oh so very grateful. I mean it was cold. And we had 25 mph winds to make it that much colder. The kids finally had a full day on Friday and I had the house back. 

    So, I wanted to post a few pictures of the dinosaur exhibit we went to last Sunday.  I was expecting skeletons, but this was full on animated dinosaurs.  

It was amazing.  I mean dinosaurs are awesome and I was pleasantly surprised at how realistic it all was. 

    So, obviously I didn’t talk about going to the Acropolis or any other sight-seeing adventures.  The past two week have been crazy and even though I said this last week, I am hoping next week is better and I can get out on my own.  Debbie mentioned maybe all of us going to the Acropolis tomorrow, but we’ll see.

     Also, unfortunately today Tara, the dog, died in the hospital. Debbie was planning on bringing her home today when she got the call.  I have never been more heartbroken than when I had to see Debbie and all three children crying over the loss of their dog. It was so sad. 

     While they are gone tonight I am going to make some cookies for the kids. I feel so bad.  So once again, here’s to hoping for a better week coming up. And here’s an amazing night shot of the city. 

P.S. We have a mandarin tree. And soon Debbie is going to teach me how to make mandarin jam. Super excited!

Peace, Love, and Wanderlust