I’m finally here. I’m all unpacked and settled into my new room, in my new house, in a new country.

Today is my first day of work and an early day at that. With an early start of 6 am, I got ready, helped the kids get ready, took them to school, came back and straightened their rooms, made salad for lunch later, and even cleaned out F’s (the youngest child) toy box. Now I am just waiting around until 2pm to pick up P’s (the oldest child) from school. 

These pictures are of the absolutely amazing view from the house.  I was stunned when Debbie (my boss/host mom) showed this room to me.  Also, of the gorgeous living room and our cute cat.  

Well, I will post more later on what I’ve been up to, but this is just a short post of my first few days. 

Peace, Love, and Wanderlust

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